112 Ocean Avenue – October 31, 1979

Photos courtesy Roxanne Kaplan, author of The Amityville Horror Conspiracy

The following photographs were taken by Stephen and Roxanne Kaplan in 1979. The majority were shot during the infamous Halloween party hosted by the Cromarty family.

“The house overflows with happiness. Not even the tourists and hecklers who are passing by quite often outside now (prevented from getting too close by security) can spoil the mood of celebration and good times inside. Any aura of tragedy that may have been left over from the DeFeo murders has been purged forever by the love that is felt for this house by its owners and their friends. The Lutzes’ stories of horror have been exposed for what they are in the media and in Federal Court. This house is not a horror. This house is a home.” – Stephen Kaplan, Ph.D.

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