Holzer/Meyers Investigation, January 13, 1977

by Eric Walter on August 1st, 2008

The following was transcribed from audio recordings during Hans Holzer’s investigation of 112 Ocean Avenue with deep-trance medium, Ethel Johnson Meyers.

Hans Holzer: Ethel, what are your first impressions of this house?

Ethel Johnson Meyers: I’m getting an odor.

HH: What’s the odor from?

EM: I don’t know my head’s cracked.

HH: Head’s cracked? Who’s head?

EM: Mine, at the moment…I have to get used to the cold for a moment.

HH: All right. Are you comfortable?

EM: Reasonably.

HH: Where do you think is the center of the activities you feel?

EM: Let me relax a little more because I have two shocks and I want to see where they lead to.

HH: Okay…

EM: Right up here.

HH: We are on the third floor, the top floor of the house. The house is without heat. It’s empty and boarded up. This is the corner bedroom.

EM: You have a lot of Indians – burial ground here. Hmmpf. I feel as if I’m choked.

HH: Is there any connection of that with the house?

EM: I’ll say.

HH: What connection?

EM: Whoever lives here is going to be victim of all the anger – its blind fierceness.

HH: Whose anger is it?


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